I became fascinated with photojournalists in high school when learning about the Vietnam War. There is no better vessel for truth than a photograph; it can capture a moment in a way that no other medium can, breaking down the barriers of time, language, culture, and distance. In my work, I attempt to preserve emotion and meaning in little moments. I love to travel to new places and photograph people in their everyday lives and breathtaking natural or architectural elements that can’t be seen anywhere else, and I enjoy attending politically charged events and witnessing the passion demonstrated there. It is my hope that my photography can bridge social and geographic distance by sharing the truth of human experience.
I am a professional photographer based in the beautiful Berkshire County of Massachusetts. My documentary-style photography favors raw imagery, capturing people, places, and structures in their natural element. Already my work has taken me across the country to political protests, behind the scenes of music videos, and to hauntingly beautiful abandoned structures.
I try to bring out the best in my subject. Whether they are posed or candid, there is always a pervasive element of authenticity. I constantly strive to depict the beauty of the moment, and life as I see it.
Contact me for any special day that you would like documented, or for more information on my galleries or prints (custom matting and/or printing available).



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